JCA 50H - 100H - 100HDM    Mainboard mod "Dirty Smile V1.2"

The original pcb will be exchanged for a completely new pcb.

You have three channels:
1. Dirty Smile
2. Very Dirty Smile
3. Bell Clean

Here are some short Demo from Philipp Frank - Thank you!!!

Here some pic of the board:


The foot switch PCB.

You got a lot of options to swtich your sound to perfection
Saturation, Gain Structure, Fat-Low, Bright-Normal, Voice.....

Price for one main PCB and one foot switch PCB:
139€ + shipping

Please order here!
Important! There are no more PCBs in stock! I won't have PCBs made again until I have at least ten orders. You can be entered on the order list.

After ordering via email you will get an invoice with a PayPal link.
After the payment i send the schematic and the assembly drawing by email.


I assume that someone working on tube amplifiers is aware of the dangers of high voltages.
I am not liable for damages caused by the use of my products. Any form ofliability is excluded.

JCA20H with 6L6 tubes

JCA20H  original  schematic


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